Dr.-Ing. Michael Jaeger

Dr.-Ing. Michael Jaeger

Solution Architect

Dr. Michael Jaeger joined the Savento team on April 1st, 2008. Since then, he was able to bring in his expertise in many national as well as international projects.

Before that, he worked as a research assistant for one year and held a fellowship of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung at the Berlin Insitute of Technology, where he finished his Ph.D. with "magna cum laude". The focus of his research laid on distributed systems, middleware, and event-based systems.

Before starting his Ph.D., Michael Jaeger worked as a consultant and software developer. For Hessischer Rundfunk (a German public media network), he developed Java/J2EE-based applications as part of his employment as a software engineer and significantly drove the further core development of the web CMS used (e.g., XML interface, performance optimizations, user interface). He also developed the intranet of Hessischer Rundfunk to a large extent as a freelancer.

For Clariant GmbH he designed and implemented security concepts and failover mechanisms. Besides that, he supported the customer relationship management system REAS for many years, which served the management of complaints.

Michael Jaeger works in the IT area since 1993, most of the time as a consultant or software developer. At Savento he complements the team with his distinct technical knowledge base (operating systems / databases / programming). He has solid know-how in the areas of OpenText Livelink, PBS ContentLink and SAP ArchiveLink® in general. Besides that, he is the developer of the following solution packages: