File Management



Archived images can be linked to different objects and master data within SAP. In order to access these documents, the respective transaction code as well as the object-ID must be known. In addition a document based retrieval throughout the overall process is not possible without further ado.

Project Description

A German manufacturer of exquisite cars implemented SAP® Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with connection to SAP® ERP backend for the purchasing processes of non-series materials and products. Aim of the project was the implementation of a file management solution (eAkte), which visualizes the overall purchasing and accounts payable process in a comprehensible way. In doing so the business objects of the SRM and ERP systems as well as the corresponding images should be merged across both systems. Besides the possibility search for business objects and their linked images, archiving of further images should be possible.

Project Procedure

In the conception stage at the beginning of the project a detailed process analysis was done and the view layout of the file management solutions was defined. In parallel a prototype based on the Open Text software was built up. Savento coordinated and supported the implementation of the file management solution. Furthermore the organization and execution of extensive testing stages as well as employee trainings have been conducted.


The implementation of the file management solution enables fast and parallel access to information by a transparent visualization of the processes. In this way work processes are accelerated and the service quality towards the customers and suppliers is improved. Costs decrease by reducing paper storage and the risk of document loss is minimized.