BW-Extractor for Archived Data

BW-Extractor for Archived Data


Many customers use SAP® BW systems, which extract data from the business system. The data extraction is done by so called extractors of which some are supplied in the SAP® standard. Those however sometimes only extract from online available data and not from archived data (e.g. FO and CO line items).

Project Description

A well-known service provider had the requirement to extract archived FI/CO data for an analysis in their SAP® BW system. If required it should be possible to extract this data again at any time with a flexible selection by periods of time. In the SAP® standard an extraction of archived data was not possible.

Project Procedure

Savento analyzed the requirements for the extraction of archived data and implemented an ADK extractor, which is able extract the data from the ADK files on-the-fly with a good performance. This way, an extraction of archived data into the SAP® BW system can be done anytime via the standard BW connection.


The implementation of the ADK extractor was done in a short time and it fulfilled all requirements regarding the integration and performance. Since GoLive the solution runs without any problems.