Archive Migration (PDF )

A complex operation ...

An archive migration is an operation which should never be taken too lightly, and Savento can offer you a safe and efficient solution for this task. There may be a wide range of reasons for such an archive migration:

  • Limited life cycle of systems
  • Restricted or lack of support for software and hardware
  • Increased maintenance costs for obsolete components
  • Increasing demands on the performance and reliability of the archive
  • Cost savings resulting from reduced license and maintenance costs

The complexity of an archive migration depends, among other factors, on the following elements:

  • Heterogeneous system scenarios with many potential sources of error
  • Error incidents which may in the worst case cause data loss
  • Inconsistencies in the legacy archive system
  • Provisions for customized archiving scenarios
  • Requirements for a fallback scenario throughout the migration operation
  • Strict compliance requirements, e.g. for audits
  • Tight project time schedules despite large data volumes
  • Implementation parallel to productive operation

Savento, as a team of specialists for archiving in the SAP® environment, has comprehensive project experience in the implementation of archive migrations. The resulting solution package includes not only consultancy services, but also flexible software tools, to ensure the efficient and safe realization of such projects in the individual customer environment.

Savento’s experts accompany you all the way, from the analysis of the current situation, throughout the implementation, and right through to the successful project completion.

The efficient and safe solution!

Savento has developed a project solution for archive migrations which is based on SAP® standards. This employs multiple steps and can be implemented very quickly and easily in the individual customer environment:

Skizze des Migrationskonzepts

The Savento project solution offers the following advantages:

  • Detailed performance analysis as well as stress testing in advance, to assess the duration of the migration operation
  • Standard-based migration tools in the SAP® system for documents, print lists and ADK files (using ArchiveLink® components)
  • Robust migration programs, e.g. restart facility if jobs are aborted
  • Ensuring the consistency and integrity of migrated documents by a com-parison of the metadata and a comparison of the MD5 checksums
  • Parallel running of migration jobs to reduce total run time of migration
  • Simple job planning taking account of maintenance windows
  • Observance of compliance requirements through detailed logging and documentation of the complete migration process

Savento is your partner for professional and efficient archive migrations. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and will be pleased to offer you a detailed presentation of the project solution.